Success at Monaco!

Monaco IPDSC Standard Winners
The Dancing Channels would like to congratulate our members and everyone involved at the Monacao DanceSport Festival for helping to make the event and live broadcasts such a success. Special thanks go to Cherry Kingston, Peter Maxwell, Gill Mackenzie and the team at the Salle du Canton.

The live broadcasts saw record viewers from over 119 countries - members worldwide enjoyed top class dancing from the first ever dance festival to be held in the Principality of Monaco and it was so exciting when we had friends on the phone watching in USA, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand sharing with us live!

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"The picture was crisp and the expert commentary in between rounds on everything from tricks in choreography to costumes was very interesting." - CCM, Maryland

"Thank you very much for the wonderful spectacular show. It is truly amazing that over 160 countries can watch it." - Bob, UK