Morris Dance Movie Giving New Life To Dance

Morris Dancing
It is said that the English tradition of Morris dancing, a folk dance performed in choreographed groups, is expected to die out within the next 20 years - as younger generations do not want to get involved.

However a new film, “Morris: A Life with Bells On”, a heart warming take on life as a Morris dancer, is taking rural cinemas by storm and changing the perception. It is hoped the film will now be backed by a major distributor and shown in multiplexes across the UK and worldwide.

For more information about the film, check out http://www.morrismovie.com

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"The picture was crisp and the expert commentary in between rounds on everything from tricks in choreography to costumes was very interesting." - CCM, Maryland

"Thank you very much for the wonderful spectacular show. It is truly amazing that over 160 countries can watch it." - Bob, UK