Warren and Kristi Boyce: Beautiful Ballroom Dancing

By Paula

In the past, many ballroom and latin dance schools/clubs would arrange, probably once each year, a dance holiday at a hotel (which was the fortunate possessor of a suitable ballroom floor), an occasion which invariably proved such a success that the arrangement was established as a regular event.

During the last few years, with the growing appeal and understanding of the pastime, this concept has been dusted off and thoroughly polished up under the influence of the professional approach - dance holidays/breaks have become an established part of the social/amateur dancers’ life. So too the classes/workshops which are made available as part of the package. Add the freedom of the ballroom floor for practice, usually at any time when not in scheduled occupation, general dancing each evening, a tea dance and a delightful Cabaret at a Gala Ball - we have a week/weekend holiday to enchant any enthusiast, beginner or advanced.

Our present 4-day Break has offered the presence of stars, Warren and Kristi Boyce, for workshops/classes and cabaret - they are certainly proving that they possess an essential gift - the vital art of communication; and happily, the ability to amuse! At the general dancing each evening, it becomes clear that a whole lot of that teaching time has paid off. Our knowledgeable couple began by paying particular attention to an invaluable aspect. Often overlooked in an eagerness for ‘variations’ - poise - the physical adjustment necessary to change these eager enthusiasts from dancers, to elegant, stylish and confident dancers - and how satisfactory is that! We have noted several pairs who are obviously and pleasingly already at Competition level!

This evening we are presented with the Gala Ball and Cabaret. In this respect, if ever the Ballroom authoritative community requires to show why the UK are known as the world’s best teachers/trainers, they will not have to look far for proof; for instance, they can call upon Warren and Kristi Boyce to give a brief demonstration. Formerly U.K. Amateur Ballroom Champions for some six years, they entered the professional arena a year or so ago at world level, with considerable success.

Both Warren and Kristi are members of Dance Dynasties - her family command the most impressive Dancing School, (the internationally respected Team Leevi), in Estonia, formerly a part of the USSR. In fact these Eastern European areas have always been renowned for their supreme influence in dance. This is a heritage which is bearing fruit now all over the World. Today in Western Europe and the U.S., ballroom and latin competitors’ lists - and winners - read like the cast of a classic Mariinsky Ballet - though happily many are coupled with Western names - Warren’s knowledge, experience and style have been welcomed with open arms to this Eastern bloc floor!

Kristi originally came to England to represent her country - her brother and sisters are consistently making their marks in Competition in Britain. Warren is the son of World Ballroom Champions the late Glenn, and Lynette Boyce, she also being operator of an internationally recognised Dance Studio, the notable Nice’n Easy at Bournemouth. A small Glenn, son of Warren and Kristi, is also in on the act, and will point out happily that his recent effort in his first competition rated higher marks than his father!

Their Programme this evening covers the five ballroom dances: Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Viennese Waltz, and Tango.

A Tango brings them to the floor - Warren clad entirely in black, not tails, in fact no jacket. Plain, almost casual and unassuming - and we find that in consequence he provides the perfect showcase for his partner; this lovely girl, fair, slim and stunning in black and shimmering silver. The staccato influence emphasises a sense of power from Warren - and is that persuasion - a mood true to Tango! They have space on this floor - Warren says it is excellent - and they take full advantage and delight in it. And this audience delight in them!

The Slow Foxtrot follows, Kristi now in pink and black. This smoothly moving pair sweep around the floor, she is supremely elegant - she allows the music - and Warren - to shape her, she flows in his arms - romance in floating chiffon - and finally she sinks to the floor at his feet to tremendous applause.

The following Viennese Waltz, brings Kristi in turquoise and black - that was perceptive of Warren to have chosen his own simple black! A beautiful lift and she spins to the final beat, twirling off in a flurry of tulle and lace. Well, lovely!

Now they present their Waltz, she is now in white, bouffant flounces, and
this is sheer style, an example of how it should be done! A series of sparkling twirls in there to captivate.

Finally the Quickstep and those Warren Boyce feet hold the eye. They seem to have the precision and delicacy of a seriously souped-up Rolex watch! The several lifts are breathtaking, his hold imperceptively changing with each, and then they are into a spin which sweeps her around again and again, her head within an inch of the floor. He frees her, and she slides across the floor, flounces of white lace spread around her, to lie still - to a standing ovation!

This pair show us that dancing belongs to all nations and all peoples. For super entertainment on a ballroom floor - Warren and Kristi, welcome to the world!