Quality of Service

The nature of the internet and the wide variations in connectivity can sadly result in some of our members not being able to receive the quality and reliability of service.

As such we have provided a link to our video decoder and the relevant video player you will require to view THEDANCINGCHANNELS.COM.

THEDANCINGCHANNELS.COM recommends all members should have a minimum of 2 Mbps broadband connection installed. Once you have set-up your system, we strongly recommend that you visit the sample page and select a number of videos. This action will enable you to confirm your broadband connection is suitable for THEDANCINGCHANNELS.COM services.

As even the best broadband connection are subject to a variation in quality of connectivity, we suggest that all members test their service immediately prior to purchasing a ticket for any live event or Video on Demand program to ensure their local Internet Service Provider is delivering an adequate connection speed that will enable them to receive their selected program.
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"The picture was crisp and the expert commentary in between rounds on everything from tricks in choreography to costumes was very interesting." - CCM, Maryland

"Thank you very much for the wonderful spectacular show. It is truly amazing that over 160 countries can watch it." - Bob, UK